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Monday, January 19, 2015

Ten Author Confessions

1. I’ve been recording my dreams in journals for the last 24 years. I think our dreaming reality is just as valid as our waking. In fact, making such a big distinction between the two isn’t really in our nature; it’s just a cultural habit, something we’ve learned to do.

2. I knew that I was an artist by age three, and understood that it was my destiny to be a writer by the time I was ten or eleven.

3. Every year I vow that I won’t be putting myself through the darkness of a Vermont winter ever again – and yet I’m still here.

4. I get out into nature at least three or four times a week, regardless of the season.

5. By choice, I have not driven in fifteen years.

6. As a child, I conceived the idea that the world was unsafe, and that the way to pass through it unscathed was to be small and not make a ‘splash’. That belief turned into one of my biggest stumbling blocks along the road to becoming an author and discovering my own unique voice.

7. For this reason, the better a book of mine is the more anxious I can feel about putting it out. The fear of my own power manifests in this way. "The Edge of the Known" trilogy terrified me at times.

8. I often feel like an ancient medicine man who has somehow stumbled into the modern industrial/computer age and is moving along generally baffled, trying to make sense of it all.

9. I notice a lot of debate around religion and science: Which is the most reliable authority with regards to the nature of reality? I personally don’t think either one has offered a very accurate, complete or even helpful picture, and I hope that our race can either find ways to expand these systems of belief or else just dispense with them entirely.

10. I used to write fantasy novels, largely because I needed a place to go to where magic was ‘real’. This need loosened its hold on me when I realized that magic already infuses the reality that surrounds us all. It’s just a matter of our senses awakening to the presence of it.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Life Before Writing

I was recently presented with a series of interview questions and given the option to respond to one of them via video. So... here it is!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Author Interview at Blog Talk Radio

I did my first podcast interview earlier today. The host, Cyrus Webb, did a great job. I was a little blown away by his knowledge of the story and its themes, and I ended up being asked about the very things I'd hoped I'd have a chance to discuss.
Check Out Books Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with middayconversations on BlogTalkRadio with Midday Conversations on BlogTalkRadio

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"What Casts the Shadow?" - A Round of Reviews

My latest foray into promotion for The Edge of the Known trilogy was organized by Elite Book Promotions. It has put the first book of the series in the hands of some gracious and insightful reviewers. I'll be updating this list as the tour unfolds...

Book Review by Sarah Olsen No doubt one of my favorite reviews I've received thus far. In-depth and glowing. I'm so grateful for this one.

Elite Book PromotionsA 'six' out of five stars review; and quite a thoughtful and thorough one, too.

Book of the Day Includes my 'unusual author story' A Visitation of Song

Creative Chaos: The Musings of Alledria D. Hurt A thoughtful and thorough review, one of my favorites among those I've seen.

The Works of Rebecca Zimmer

Pebble in the Still Waters

Pebble in the Still Waters - The first is a review and the second a fairly extensive author Q&A, which I thought insightful and enjoyed doing.

Meglana Ivanova The most extensive author interview that I've done thus far appears here. An in-depth showcase beautifully arranged.

Author Tamara Philip This stop includes my guest post Creativity and Our Connection to Magic